Olga April 14th, 2017

Update: New survey, action, notification type, redesigned NPS and small improvements

A lot's going on, so let's jump straight into the update :)

We've updated the Email NPS survey theme!

Many of Intercom integration users asked us about surveying their customers without redirecting them to a landing page after the first question. This is why we've built Intercom Themed Surveys - they look like Intercom messages, but all of the survey steps take place within the widget.

Users who need to act on the feedback right when it happens should take a look at Survey notifications. We'll send you an email with responses of every single respondent after the survey is submitted. You can set it up in the Launch section.

If you're using a chat service on your website, you can open a chat window at the end of your survey. Why would you? Let's say that you want to prompt someone to reach out to you or someone states that navigating your website is problematic - this is where "Start a Chat" step will be useful.

We're now prompting you to save your survey before leaving the Questions section to avoid any data losses, as well as to choose messaging service provider before you start adding questions to in-message surveys - just to make sure that you always use a correct version of the snippet.

We've also added support for Pardot version 4 API. You can change a version that you're using in integration's settings.

New Features

  • Intercom Themed Surveys

  • Survey notifications

  • "Start a Chat" survey step

  • New Email NPS survey theme


  • Pardot API version 4 support

  • Launch section for in-message surveys now prompts users to choose a provider of messaging services

  • Users will now be prompted to save changes before leaving "Questions" section

  • Change of credit card details is now available within the app

  • Information about views and response rate for questionnaires, in-message and email surveys was removed from the Dashboard