Olga July 4th, 2017

Update: Image uploading, support account access & progress bars

What we've built:

1) Long-awaited image upload is now available for Questionnaires, landing pages in in-message surveys and for Intercom Themed Survey. You won't have to upload pictures or company logos from links. Instead, you can just click on the Upload logo button and simply pick it from the list of your files. We'll handle the hosting.

What's more, we're going to add image upload feature to survey steps, too. In effect, you won't need to use coding for adding logos to question intros. Quite cool, isn't it?

(Oh, and please don't pay attention to our logo being almost invisible in the picture above - it has to be white in order to be properly displayed on the dark background)

2) You talked and we listened. You wanted your respondents to see their progress, so progress bars were added to Targeted Website Surveys. You can enable and disable them in the Design section.

Here's the same survey with bars enabled and disabled.

3) Survey author are displayed in the dashboard, so you can quickly distinguish surveys created by you from those created by your colleagues. Please note that this change applies only to newly created surveys. We won't add authors to existing surveys.

4) We know that troubleshooting might sometimes get complicated, especially with long screenshot back-and-forths. From now on, you can grant support access to your account - thanks to that our team will be able to take a look at your setup and check what's causing your problems. This feature is available from our Help&Chat widget hiding behind a round button with a question mark in the bottom-right corner of Survicate. You will need to specify for how long the access will be granted. And no worries, we won't be able to change your setup.

Inviting support agents to your account won't eat up your users limits.

5) We've also added new filters to calendars which we hope will make it easier for you to filter your answers or pick time periods during which surveys will be active. You can quickly filter it by day, week, month or a quarter. No changes to custom range filters.

What we've fixed:

1) Email notifications (which you seem to love and we love that!) could be quite moody and display data from contact forms selectively. We're on better terms now, so full contact info is displayed. Including ZIPs!

2) In-message survey previews in the Design section were refusing to reload after survey completion. They do reload now.

3) We also fixed our probably-the-most-annoying-thing-ever! We weren't able to generate an in-message survey snippet if the first, text-only question was removed from the survey. You'd probably expect some very sophisticated logic behind this fix, but actually we simply made it impossible to remove the first question from in-message surveys. Well, as they say: simplicity makes for less stress and more happiness :D

4) If you forgot to save questions and answers in single- and multiple-choice questions, previews weren't displaying correctly. Instead, they showed "null". It's fixed now, no more nulls.

5) Marketo made changes to their data format. Because of that, reports from in-message surveys distributed via Marketo didn't contain respondents data. Snippets received a royal treatment, reports contain full data and are compliant with Marketo's current requirements again.

Coming up next:

- Integration with session recording tools - you'll be able to associate respondents' sessions and recordings with Survicate responses. Perfect for website optimization, deep research and troubleshooting.

- Organizations - a completely new way to manage your account and users accesses to your projects.

- Major UX improvements to integrations & add-ons.

- Intercom integration improvement - sending text answers as new conversations in Intercom.

New Features

  • Surveys' authors are now displayed in the dashboard

  • It's now possible to upload images and logos to Questionnaires, landing pages in in-message surveys and to Intercom Themed Surveys

  • New filters in Answers analysis

  • You can now quickly invite our support team to your account during troubleshooting from within our Help&Chat section

  • Progress bars for Targeted Website Surveys


  • Email notifications now contain all information from contact forms

  • Fixed a bug that was causing empty single choice and multiple choice questions to be incorrectly presented on survey previews

  • Fixed a bug preventing in-message snippets from being generated after removing the first survey question.

  • Previews of in-message surveys now reload after survey completion

  • In-message survey snippets for Marketo were updated and are now compliant with Marketo's current requirements