Tomek November 6th, 2017

Update: MailChimp integration- new feature!

It’s another update that reached the final destination, this time regarding MailChimp tool.

You might remember, that in the past all your answers from Contact Form questions were sent to one list in MailChimp.

Not only was it annoying, but it also damaged user's workflow. Now, consider a new way we use integration…

First and last, your Contact Form can now be connected with a list of your choice!

In practice, it works that you add a Contact form question into your surveys and from the list and then you select which survey sends data to what MailChimp list.

Go ahead and check it out! It should make your feedback collection much more organized.

New Features

  • ​List of Contact forms to be added to specific MailChimp list

Tomek October 27th, 2017

Update: Enhanced Intercom integration

We listened to your feedback. You asked for better integration with one of the most used tools - Intercom, and we delivered!

Here’s a quick highlight of changes:

  • You can use data from Intercom (segments, tags) to trigger Survicate surveys
  • Text answers collected with Survicate can start Intercom conversations
  • You can send responses as dates to Intercom
  • And here is a view of our changes from the user perspective - right on your panel,in the settings section of Intercom Integration:

  • Also, our Customer Success team, mainly Cezary, went back to the drawing board and rebuilt the whole Intercom manual.

Go ahead and check how easy it is now to understand the integration processes, right here!

New Features

  • data from Intercom (segments, tags) to trigger Survicate surveys

  • Text answers collected with Survicate can start Intercom conversations

  • You can send responses as dates to Intercom


  • Knowledge Base for Intercom

Daniel August 25th, 2017

Update: Organizations, Workspaces, User management & Dashboard makeover

Those changes will not affect subscriptions and you don't have to take any action before or after they take place. We're informing about them in advance because they come with changes in app's interface and subscription management, so it's important that you understand what's going to happen and why.

We'll start with interface changes. The rest of this article covers:

- Reasons for account structure changes

- Definitions of an Organization, a Workspace, Workspace roles and Organization roles

- What will happen on your account?

- Changes to accounts' structure and new features

Interface changes

Survicate dashboard redesign

The dashboard and survey tiles were redesigned to give them a fresher look and make them more user-friendly. If you're wondering where did information such as messaging tool provider go - they're displayed when you hover over the tile.

Integrations & Add-ons are now separate sections of settings

We knew that keeping Intgrations & add-ons in the same section, mixed with one another was confusing. They will be soon split into two different sections but no worries, they're next to each other and easy to find.

New account structure - the current state and the "why" behind those changes

Right now, you manage domains as if you were managing completely separate accounts, even if they are under one subscription. What’s more, your subscription is tied to the owner’s account. Because of that, invited users can’t see what subscription they’re on. Users management is not logical enough and doesn’t cater to needs of users with more than one domain.

Instead of inviting users to your account as a whole, you invite them to each domain separately. We know that it should be done better to let you make the most of capacities of your accounts and to simply make Survicate easier to understand and manage.

We also thought that changes in the account structure are a great occasion to refresh design of the dashboard and add some improvements. All changes will be described below.

The most important change is this: we’re ditching the concept of a domain in favour of the Organization and Workspaces.


A Workspace

To put it simply, what we now call a domain will be called a Workspace and it will be a part of an Organization.

All users within an Organization will be added to every Workspace in the Organization. The thing is, they can have different levels of access to each Workspace (including no access).

This solution will make it easier to manage permissions, but also enable you to optimize costs of using Survicate as there will be no need to purchase additional seats for different domains.

The concept of Workspaces will also be useful for companies wanting to create separate spaces for different teams. The Website Optimization team can have a Workspace completely separate from the space of Customer Service team. Meanwhile, Organization's owner will be able to oversee both Workspaces.

What is an Organization?

Organization is a container for Workspaces. If you want to have one account which you’ll use to manage surveys on 5 different websites, you will create one Organization with 5 different Workspaces. If you want to create surveys only for a single website, you will have one Organization with a single Workspace. Easy as that. What’s so cool about it?

- Subscriptions will be associated with Organizations, not with account owners which results in more logical account management. It will also be easier to change account owners.

- You will be able to manage all Workspaces in the Organization by using one account management panel

- You will manage accesses to Workspaces from the account management panel. It also means that when you'll invite someone to the Organization, this person will have the access to as many Workspaces as you want them to (but you can fully restrict their access to a specific Workspace, too) - more on that below.

What roles can invitees have in a Workspace?

Workspace roles are sets of rules which specify what level of access to surveys and data in a specific Workspace an invitee has.

Admin can manage users and the Workspace's settings, can edit surveys and integrations of this Workspace

User - can edit surveys and integrations in this Workspace

Guest - can see survey results only

None permission - a user has no access to this Workspace in the Organization

(Please note that the same person can have different levels of access to different Workspaces.)

Organization role

We’ve decided to create one more level of permissions which is associated with the Organization and account management instead of a Workspace - the Organization role. By default, those permissions are given to the owner of the Organization, but you can grant it to any other user of the account.

You can use organization roles to allow someone to manage your subscription, edit billing data, change subscriptions and download invoices. It means that if you’re leaving for holidays and you will need a user of this account to download an invoice or change something, you can grant this person an access.

What’s more, you can invite John from Operations or Heather from Accounting to the account so they can get invoices themselves without giving them an access to any of Workspaces and data from surveys. How cool is that?

What will happen on your account?

First of all, we will not make any changes to subscriptions. Basically, the biggest change you will notice are changes in how the app looks and what's in top menu which had to be changed to reflect structure changes.

You don’t need to take any action because of those changes.

What's going to change?

Upper-left corner menu - Organizations & Workspaces management

Users managing only one website will see a menu with one Organization and one Workspace. It will look like this:

As you can see, the Workspace called "My only Workspace" is a part of the Sample organization.

Users managing more than one website will see multiple Workspaces below Organization's name. Those of you who have multiple Workspaces within multiple Organizations will find the search box handy.

Upper-right corner menu - Organization, Workspace and account management

Setting menu now reflects the hierarchy of account. The picture below shows how Organization's owner sees this menu. Please note that what will be displayed in this menu is related to user's permissions (e.g. someone with a role of a user won't see Organization's settings).

Please note that users with roles of Users and Guests will not see the "Organization" section of this menu.

Workspaces management

In the Workspaces section you will find a list of Workspaces within the Organization you're currently using. Tracking codes specific to each of them and the subscription plan which you're using will be displayed, too.

In the Users section, you will be able to see users of your Workspaces and manage their accesses. You can do that separately for each Workspace by using lists next to each user. If you want to mass-modify someone's accesses, you can do so by clicking on the gear icon corresponding to this person which will result in opening a menu of permissions. You will see this menu after inviting users to your account, too.

This is where you can set what level of access a person will be granted. Admins can manage whole Workspaces, manage and analyze surveys. Users can manage and analyze surveys but can't manage Workspaces. Guests can only analyze existing surveys. Picking the "None" option means that this user will not be able to see a specific Workspace.

If you want to apply a specific level of access to all workspaces, you can use "Apply to all workspaces" option.

Subscription management

From now on, it will be possible to modify who receives invoices. If you want to add someone to the CC of emails with invoices, just click on "Add another" button in the Subscription section and add this address.

Subscription access management

By default, only account owners can manage the subscription and download invoices. We'll add an additional level of permissions which will allow owners to decide who else will have access to subscription management and invoices.

This option is visible only to account owners and is separate from Workspace accesses. It means that you can give someone an access to subscription settings and invoices and None privileges to your workspaces which will be especially useful on accounts where accounting or operations departments need to have an access to the billing.

Changing the owner of an Organization

Starting on Monday, it will be possible to change the owner of an Organization. You will need to go to Workspaces section of settings, click on the gear icon and pick a new owner of the account from the list.

Please note that the new owner of the Organization has to be invited to the account first. Only owners have the access to this feature.

New Features

  • Mass edition of user roles

  • Adding access to billing information and subscription management

  • Adding additional emails to CC of billing emails available in the app

  • Change account owner option


  • Redesigned dashboard

  • Integrations & add-ons split into separate sections

  • Menus will now reflect account structure and user's level of access to the account

  • Subscription tied to an Organization, not account owner


  • Invited account users will see what subscription they're using

Olga August 10th, 2017

Update: Session recording integrations, date question, progress bars optimization

What we've built:

1) SessionCam & FullStory integrations

We know many of you are using session recording tools to guide your product decisions. We also know, that many of those tools lack the ability to give you the "why" behind specific actions of your users. From now on, you'll be able to associate survey answers with the recording of a session during which they were given. Links to session recordings will be automatically added to CSV and XLS reports after you enable integrations.

To learn more, head over to the Knowledge Base to the article about FullStory and about the SessionCam integration.

2) Date question

The date question allows our Users to collect date information in a consistent format. Answers provided by survey respondents are validated in real-time so there's no way to input a date in an incorrect format.

3) Traits (currently available on-demand-only for users of Enterprise and Enterprise Plus plans)

Until now, you were able to send user IDs to Survicate reports. From now on, you will be able to attach any identifying information or custom attribute (such as her role in your app or the number of web sessions) to a respondent. This feature will give you more context in reports and deepen your analysis. Please note that as of now, this feature is available only for Enterprise and Enterprise Plus plans and only on demand as it requires our help in implementation.

This feature is a prelude to one of our most-requested features - using custom attributes as a part of questions or survey introductions. What's in it for you? Soon, you will be able to start your survey with someone's name or personalize pop-ups or... well, you get the idea.

What we've improved:

Progress bars optimization

We've noticed worse performance for surveys with more than 10-15 questions when the progress bar was enabled. Now, after the code optimization, it's loading in a blink of an eye and Survicate is simply more reliable.

What we're working on:

1) Surveys targeting based on data from Intercom

Soon, it will be possible to target website surveys (Targeted Website Surveys and Intercom Themed Surveys) based on segments and tags in Intercom. In effect, you will be able to target them almost like in-message surveys (e.g. based on events in Intercom or time from respondent's signup).

It will give you 100000% more flexibility in targeting surveys to your users, especially if you don't like the idea of redirecting them to a landing page with follow up questions.

Here's a sneak peek:

2) Account structure changes & dashboard improvements

We're currently working on changes to accounts' structure which will give you more options of managing your users and active subscriptions. We've decided to introduce dashboard improvements with those changes. Thanks to them, account and subscription management will be easier, we'll split integrations & add-ons into separate sections to make our options clearer, it will also be possible to change the ownership of account from within the app.

Please note that those changes will not affect subscriptions. We'll distribute a detailed info about upcoming changes a couple of days before we start adding changes to the app, and then provide you with a full update when we'll have the changes done.

We will also add guides inside of the app. Our Customer Success team will be more than happy to answer all of your questions should you have any of course :)

New Features

  • Sessioncam integration

  • Fullstory integration

  • Date question

  • Traits (sending custom attributes to Survicate)


  • Progress bars optimization

Olga July 4th, 2017

Update: Image uploading, support account access & progress bars

What we've built:

1) Long-awaited image upload is now available for Questionnaires, landing pages in in-message surveys and for Intercom Themed Survey. You won't have to upload pictures or company logos from links. Instead, you can just click on the Upload logo button and simply pick it from the list of your files. We'll handle the hosting.

What's more, we're going to add image upload feature to survey steps, too. In effect, you won't need to use coding for adding logos to question intros. Quite cool, isn't it?

(Oh, and please don't pay attention to our logo being almost invisible in the picture above - it has to be white in order to be properly displayed on the dark background)

2) You talked and we listened. You wanted your respondents to see their progress, so progress bars were added to Targeted Website Surveys. You can enable and disable them in the Design section.

Here's the same survey with bars enabled and disabled.

3) Survey author are displayed in the dashboard, so you can quickly distinguish surveys created by you from those created by your colleagues. Please note that this change applies only to newly created surveys. We won't add authors to existing surveys.

4) We know that troubleshooting might sometimes get complicated, especially with long screenshot back-and-forths. From now on, you can grant support access to your account - thanks to that our team will be able to take a look at your setup and check what's causing your problems. This feature is available from our Help&Chat widget hiding behind a round button with a question mark in the bottom-right corner of Survicate. You will need to specify for how long the access will be granted. And no worries, we won't be able to change your setup.

Inviting support agents to your account won't eat up your users limits.

5) We've also added new filters to calendars which we hope will make it easier for you to filter your answers or pick time periods during which surveys will be active. You can quickly filter it by day, week, month or a quarter. No changes to custom range filters.

What we've fixed:

1) Email notifications (which you seem to love and we love that!) could be quite moody and display data from contact forms selectively. We're on better terms now, so full contact info is displayed. Including ZIPs!

2) In-message survey previews in the Design section were refusing to reload after survey completion. They do reload now.

3) We also fixed our probably-the-most-annoying-thing-ever! We weren't able to generate an in-message survey snippet if the first, text-only question was removed from the survey. You'd probably expect some very sophisticated logic behind this fix, but actually we simply made it impossible to remove the first question from in-message surveys. Well, as they say: simplicity makes for less stress and more happiness :D

4) If you forgot to save questions and answers in single- and multiple-choice questions, previews weren't displaying correctly. Instead, they showed "null". It's fixed now, no more nulls.

5) Marketo made changes to their data format. Because of that, reports from in-message surveys distributed via Marketo didn't contain respondents data. Snippets received a royal treatment, reports contain full data and are compliant with Marketo's current requirements again.

Coming up next:

- Integration with session recording tools - you'll be able to associate respondents' sessions and recordings with Survicate responses. Perfect for website optimization, deep research and troubleshooting.

- Organizations - a completely new way to manage your account and users accesses to your projects.

- Major UX improvements to integrations & add-ons.

- Intercom integration improvement - sending text answers as new conversations in Intercom.

New Features

  • Surveys' authors are now displayed in the dashboard

  • It's now possible to upload images and logos to Questionnaires, landing pages in in-message surveys and to Intercom Themed Surveys

  • New filters in Answers analysis

  • You can now quickly invite our support team to your account during troubleshooting from within our Help&Chat section

  • Progress bars for Targeted Website Surveys


  • Email notifications now contain all information from contact forms

  • Fixed a bug that was causing empty single choice and multiple choice questions to be incorrectly presented on survey previews

  • Fixed a bug preventing in-message snippets from being generated after removing the first survey question.

  • Previews of in-message surveys now reload after survey completion

  • In-message survey snippets for Marketo were updated and are now compliant with Marketo's current requirements

Olga May 30th, 2017

Update: Brand new Feedback Academy, loading time fixes and return of dashboard metrics

Lots of our users didn't know that we're producing tons of resources to make their jobs easier - tips, tricks, question examples and many more. We've decided that it's the high time to let Feedback Academy get into the limelight, so we gave it a complete redesign. Check it here.

What's more, Feedback Academy is now accessible within our Help&Chat widget in the app - perfect for those little moments when you need some inspiration for new questions.

Dashboard metrics are back! Counters for survey views, engaged respondents and response rate are now updated in real time.

Those of you who complained about delays in surveys' loading - worry no more! In some cases, you might have seen a raw text in the upper left corner of the window or in the preview before the survey was fully loaded. This bug could also cause delays in website surveys' loading. That's not the case anymore, loading is now smoother than ever.

Integrations&tagging section is now available for smiley scale questions which means that from now on you can send data from this simple satisfaction measurement to your integrated apps, or save it in respondents' profiles in Survicate.

We want to help you build more inclusive websites - this is why Feedback Widget is now compliant with accessibility rules. Our compliance guidelines are based on WGAC 2.0 Level A and AA guidelines and their success criteria.

Our awesome product team is doing a great job behind the scenes with improving app's performance, so if you noticed that everything seems to be running faster... Brace yourself. We're just getting started :)

Coming soon:

- New integrations engine

- Content Delivery Network for all types of surveys


  • Brand new Feedback Academy with a content that helps you collect feedback effectively. Available to all users within Survicate panel.

  • Tagging, mapping and integrations is now available for smiley scale question.

  • Feedback Widget complies with accessibility rules (WGAC 2.0).


  • Fixed an issue with dashboard metrics - survey views, engaged respondents number and response rate are now updated in real time

  • Fixed an issue when survey style was loaded with a delay, after the survey content.

  • Fixed an issue with custom survey attributes not being attached to notifications.

Olga April 14th, 2017

Update: New survey, action, notification type, redesigned NPS and small improvements

A lot's going on, so let's jump straight into the update :)

We've updated the Email NPS survey theme!

Many of Intercom integration users asked us about surveying their customers without redirecting them to a landing page after the first question. This is why we've built Intercom Themed Surveys - they look like Intercom messages, but all of the survey steps take place within the widget.

Users who need to act on the feedback right when it happens should take a look at Survey notifications. We'll send you an email with responses of every single respondent after the survey is submitted. You can set it up in the Launch section.

If you're using a chat service on your website, you can open a chat window at the end of your survey. Why would you? Let's say that you want to prompt someone to reach out to you or someone states that navigating your website is problematic - this is where "Start a Chat" step will be useful.

We're now prompting you to save your survey before leaving the Questions section to avoid any data losses, as well as to choose messaging service provider before you start adding questions to in-message surveys - just to make sure that you always use a correct version of the snippet.

We've also added support for Pardot version 4 API. You can change a version that you're using in integration's settings.

New Features

  • Intercom Themed Surveys

  • Survey notifications

  • "Start a Chat" survey step

  • New Email NPS survey theme


  • Pardot API version 4 support

  • Launch section for in-message surveys now prompts users to choose a provider of messaging services

  • Users will now be prompted to save changes before leaving "Questions" section

  • Change of credit card details is now available within the app

  • Information about views and response rate for questionnaires, in-message and email surveys was removed from the Dashboard

Daniel December 31st, 2016

Update: December Updates

After the initial public of new types of surveys two months ago, we've made a number of tweaks based on feedback and data collected. There's plenty more to come, and we'll be continuing to make significant changes based on your feedback. As always, keep sending through any issues you find so we can patch them moving forward.

New Features

  • Geckoboard NPS integration


  • Survey logic configuration improved

  • Questions section got new design

  • New survey types available in surveys library


  • Responsive menu fixed

  • Multiple choice question bug fixed

Daniel November 30th, 2016

Update: New surveys library

We've just released shiny and new surveys library. You can now test the survey with just a single click. Explore the library of predefined templates divided into categories. You can use them as they are or modify them to meet your needs.

Daniel November 10th, 2016

New Feature: Partnership with Google Tag Manager

After a just-released update of Google Tag Manager, Survicate tag is available in GTM templates. It means that plugging Survicate to show targeted website surveys and feedback widgets to visitors is as easy as never before. You don’t need to create a custom tag anymore – just choose Survicate from available templates, paste your Survicate tracking code and you’re ready to go!