Olga May 30th, 2017

Update: Brand new Feedback Academy, loading time fixes and return of dashboard metrics

Lots of our users didn't know that we're producing tons of resources to make their jobs easier - tips, tricks, question examples and many more. We've decided that it's the high time to let Feedback Academy get into the limelight, so we gave it a complete redesign. Check it here.

What's more, Feedback Academy is now accessible within our Help&Chat widget in the app - perfect for those little moments when you need some inspiration for new questions.

Dashboard metrics are back! Counters for survey views, engaged respondents and response rate are now updated in real time.

Those of you who complained about delays in surveys' loading - worry no more! In some cases, you might have seen a raw text in the upper left corner of the window or in the preview before the survey was fully loaded. This bug could also cause delays in website surveys' loading. That's not the case anymore, loading is now smoother than ever.

Integrations&tagging section is now available for smiley scale questions which means that from now on you can send data from this simple satisfaction measurement to your integrated apps, or save it in respondents' profiles in Survicate.

We want to help you build more inclusive websites - this is why Feedback Widget is now compliant with accessibility rules. Our compliance guidelines are based on WGAC 2.0 Level A and AA guidelines and their success criteria.

Our awesome product team is doing a great job behind the scenes with improving app's performance, so if you noticed that everything seems to be running faster... Brace yourself. We're just getting started :)

Coming soon:

- New integrations engine

- Content Delivery Network for all types of surveys


  • Brand new Feedback Academy with a content that helps you collect feedback effectively. Available to all users within Survicate panel.

  • Tagging, mapping and integrations is now available for smiley scale question.

  • Feedback Widget complies with accessibility rules (WGAC 2.0).


  • Fixed an issue with dashboard metrics - survey views, engaged respondents number and response rate are now updated in real time

  • Fixed an issue when survey style was loaded with a delay, after the survey content.

  • Fixed an issue with custom survey attributes not being attached to notifications.