Olga August 10th, 2017

Update: Session recording integrations, date question, progress bars optimization

What we've built:

1) SessionCam & FullStory integrations

We know many of you are using session recording tools to guide your product decisions. We also know, that many of those tools lack the ability to give you the "why" behind specific actions of your users. From now on, you'll be able to associate survey answers with the recording of a session during which they were given. Links to session recordings will be automatically added to CSV and XLS reports after you enable integrations.

To learn more, head over to the Knowledge Base to the article about FullStory and about the SessionCam integration.

2) Date question

The date question allows our Users to collect date information in a consistent format. Answers provided by survey respondents are validated in real-time so there's no way to input a date in an incorrect format.

3) Traits (currently available on-demand-only for users of Enterprise and Enterprise Plus plans)

Until now, you were able to send user IDs to Survicate reports. From now on, you will be able to attach any identifying information or custom attribute (such as her role in your app or the number of web sessions) to a respondent. This feature will give you more context in reports and deepen your analysis. Please note that as of now, this feature is available only for Enterprise and Enterprise Plus plans and only on demand as it requires our help in implementation.

This feature is a prelude to one of our most-requested features - using custom attributes as a part of questions or survey introductions. What's in it for you? Soon, you will be able to start your survey with someone's name or personalize pop-ups or... well, you get the idea.

What we've improved:

Progress bars optimization

We've noticed worse performance for surveys with more than 10-15 questions when the progress bar was enabled. Now, after the code optimization, it's loading in a blink of an eye and Survicate is simply more reliable.

What we're working on:

1) Surveys targeting based on data from Intercom

Soon, it will be possible to target website surveys (Targeted Website Surveys and Intercom Themed Surveys) based on segments and tags in Intercom. In effect, you will be able to target them almost like in-message surveys (e.g. based on events in Intercom or time from respondent's signup).

It will give you 100000% more flexibility in targeting surveys to your users, especially if you don't like the idea of redirecting them to a landing page with follow up questions.

Here's a sneak peek:

2) Account structure changes & dashboard improvements

We're currently working on changes to accounts' structure which will give you more options of managing your users and active subscriptions. We've decided to introduce dashboard improvements with those changes. Thanks to them, account and subscription management will be easier, we'll split integrations & add-ons into separate sections to make our options clearer, it will also be possible to change the ownership of account from within the app.

Please note that those changes will not affect subscriptions. We'll distribute a detailed info about upcoming changes a couple of days before we start adding changes to the app, and then provide you with a full update when we'll have the changes done.

We will also add guides inside of the app. Our Customer Success team will be more than happy to answer all of your questions should you have any of course :)

New Features

  • Sessioncam integration

  • Fullstory integration

  • Date question

  • Traits (sending custom attributes to Survicate)


  • Progress bars optimization